Is it Possible to Remove a Yelp Review?

1. Is it Possible to Remove a Yelp Review?...

This blog was submitted by Before your heart goes entirely aflutter upon realizing that it is possible to remove a Yelp review, know that it is a very difficult task, and that it’s not a possibility for every single one. Even if you happen to have only one negative Yelp review, it still might not be possible, in the end, to remove it. In essence, the answer to the question headlining this piece is a very heavily qualified Yes. When a customer has given your business a negative review on Yelp, you can try contacting the reviewer yourself, or have an intermediary reach out to them. If this last is more the game plan you’re envisioning, then contact a service like Yelp Mediation; they’ll be able to help you out. Reaching out to unsatisfied customers to convince them to give your business another chance, to amend their review, or to remove it wholesale will require impeccable tact. It will also require strategy. Will you offer these possibly aggressive customers a refund? Will you offer them some complimentary services as a gesture of good will? It will depend on the situation. Keep in mind that Yelp is not actually an “anything goes” type of place. If your business is reviewed by someone who violates Yelp’s content guidelines, you can flag their review. You can also contact Yelp about it and the review might be...
Innovative Retailing via the Internet

2. Innovative Retailing via the Internet...

Have you ever thought about something in such a way that you think it can be improved to something much better than it is today? It is this exact thought that has brought forth today’s contemporary technology – a wired telephone was improved to a wireless cellular phone, snail mail was improved to the more convenient electronic mail (email). We consistently seek ways to innovate on existing things with the sole goal of making everything more convenient and (ideally) cost-effective for everyone. Take retail shopping for example. Gone are the days when you had to go to a store just to pick out a new set of clothes or a new pair of shoes. Nowadays, it seems easier just to go online and click away into browsing the latest lines from your favorite fashion houses. A web site shopping cart has taken the place of an actual physical shopping cart – and can theoretically carry way more. Way more businesses are integrating this type of technology into their distribution, which is why online shopping cart software has proliferated over the years. More than being able to provide an avenue for customers to purchase products at their convenience and without any store hours, this method has proved to reduce costs on the part of the seller since there is much less labor needed to facilitate transactions. This method, more than anything, also takes into consideration consumer safety – their sensitive...
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How to establish your presence online

seoscapeBy now you probably have a website for your company. A lot of work has gone into fine tuning the content and on page SEO and now you need to address the other big requirement of being online: Social Media.

The first step is to get on the three main social networks. That would be Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The Facebook page for your company is extremely important as a lot of Facebook users, first check on the social network for your company when searching.

The importance of the LinkedIn presence will depend on whether companies in your category share a lot information in the space or if you are looking to hire regularly. Still you will need a basic presence.

A Twitter account is another basic necessity to reach specific types of people. Technology, News and Health are good reasons to be on Twitter.

Once you have the big three networks, then you need to claim your company’s account name on as many networks as possible. On the larger networks, you will need to be able to start promoting your company whenever the need arises, for that a long term account on those will be important. On the smaller networks, claiming your company’s name can also avoid misrepresentation and fraud.

The easy part is done. Now you can focus on figuring out which network to start promoting your content and company.

Free SEO and marketing tools

seoscapeThere are a lot of good free tools available online to help with SEO and online marketing tasks. Unfortunately finding them is not easy. There are thousands of useless shareware/paid tools, ebooks etc. Here are the best free tools we found:

Google Webmaster Tools – This is a must have for any webmaster or website owner who wants to improve their seo and organic web traffic. It is now known as Google Search Console

Bing Webmaster Tools – Some sites still get a lot of traffic from Bing so while it is not as essential as Google’s, it is still worth signing up.

Google Instant – This is the Google Search feature that autocompletes as you type. It can be a very good indicator of what people are searching for online.

Google Trends – Use this to check out trends, search volumes and the seasonality of keywords. This uses historical data so it might not always be accurate as certain circumstances can change.

Ubersuggest – Will give you all the Google Instant results for a broad keyword search. Good tool for keyword research.

MailChimp – Is an email list marketing service that is free for lists up to 2000 subscribers. Good way to start your email list.

MergeWords – Take two words and it will give every different combination of those words that work. Great for working on the long tail content.

SEO Tools for Excel – This turns Excel into a dream for SEO professionals. This does have a learning curve so is not recommended for beginners.


Tips to Improve Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

conversion-ratesWhen it comes to running an online business, your landing page plays a vital role in your success and profitability. According to digital agencies, inability to set your landing page up properly will hurt your business in more ways than you know. On the other hand, following the proper steps can significantly increase your sales.

Grab Attention

You must first focus on creating a compelling headline so that your prospects will want to read the rest of your sales letter. That requires you to understand their needs and to communicate how your product or service can help them. A good digital agency can help you create a great headline so that you can experience the best possible results.

Pitch Your Offer

Now that you have your prospect’s attention, it’s time to make your sales pitch. You must now carefully describe the benefits and features of your product or service so that your prospects will understand all the ways it will help them. An effective digital ad agency will likely suggest using short paragraphs so that your landing page is easy to read.


No matter how good your product or service, most customers are naturally mistrusting of businesses with which they are not familiar. Most people have bought a product that did not work as it was intended. You can combat this problem and gain trust by offering to give a refund to those who are not happy with their purchase.

Call to Action

At the end of your landing page, you must include a call to action so that your prospects become customers. For the best results, include a short list to remind them of the benefits they are about to receive.

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What is known so far about RankBrain

seoscapeGoogle is using machine learning to improve its search engine results. The system, known internally as RankBrain was first revealed by Bloomberg and eventually confirmed by Google. Here is everything that is known publicly about the new ranking signal:

RankBrain is the name of Google’s maching learning AI system that functions as one of the ranking signals for its search engine algorithm. Machine learning is where the system (or computer) learns and teaches itself over a period of time. The longer and more inputs it has the better it gets.

It is the third most important ranking signal in the search engine algorithm. Here it is from the bloomberg article:

“RankBrain is one of the “hundreds” of signals that go into an algorithm that determines what results appear on a Google search page and where they are ranked, Corrado said. In the few months it has been deployed, RankBrain has become the third-most important signal contributing to the result of a search query, he said.”

From what has been rumored so far, it appears that RankBrain is query refinement tool rather than an outright modifier. What this means is that it will not affect individual pages in the index ranking directly. Instead it finds better matches for the query entered. For example, a search query for “good florist nyc” might have its own results. However the query “best florist in new york city” will have more data and is likely to be more accurate so RankBrain will identify that query with this and show these results instead.

Google testing real time indexing API

seoscapeAt present from the time an article is published, it can take as long as weeks or as little as minutes for the page to appear the in the Google search results. This does depend on the page, the site and how fresh that content needs to be. The more popular the site and the more pages it has in the index, the more likely that the Google crawlers will visit sooner.

Now, Google is working on getting content into the index even faster. They have been testing a real time index API.

From Search Engine Land:

“Google is testing a real-time indexing API. In a talk Thursday at Google I/O, Google’s Richard Gingras said the purpose is to give trusted publishers a way to send Google their content immediately, without Google having any delay in discovering that content. Google can then surface that content to searchers immediately, in real-time, without any delay.”

Something to note is that the API will only be open to trusted publishers. Although it will likely expand to a program where sites can achieve some kind of trust score to qualify. This will likely have little impact on SEO as fresh content generally applies to categories like news, reviews and current events.

It is also possible that in the long run, the majority of the index will be through this API. This could be another method of reducing webspam, and ultimately improving the quality of search results.

Never Stop Growing Your Customer List

In email marketing, it’s crucial that you never stop the growth process.

hand press button and e-mail

Once you’ve started creating a list for your customers through email marketing, you should always strive to make it grow. This will bring in more customers to your business. Following this, you’ll also have the potential to increase sales and increase the awareness of your business through the power of email. This is important for you as a business because you’re always looking to grow. Whether you have a list of 500 or 500,000, it’s always important to stay ahead of the game. This is how some of the largest companies function. They continue to add new names to their lists and create tremendous opportunities for their engaged fans, customers, and future clients. This will help you reap the benefits and provide your company with more business.

Reach Out To Customers

Keep your customers engaged and use multiple techniques to make your email marketing campaigns better and more influential. The first and most important strategy should always be to bring in new customers. Ask your current customers to share you email messages with their network of friends, family and colleagues. It’s a process that takes both time and continuous effort but if you do this correctly, the sales will follow.

eTargetMedia can help you improve your email marketing. At eTargetMedia, you’ll find an experienced team of email marketing professionals who are dedicated to your success.

How to build backlinks

seoscapeThe only way to rank higher on Google (or any other search engine for that matter) is to get more backlinks. The best content in the world is pointless if nobody sees it. This is why actually building backlinks is important. The more backlinks to you get, the higher you rank. There are a few very effective ways to build backlinks, here are two of them:

Social sharing

Firstly, you should be aware that social shares do not count as backlinks. Facebook and social networks do not let Google index inner feeds nor do they provide access to the sharing API so these do not directly count towards backlinks. However, social sharing is one of the best ways to get your content in front of as many people as possible. The more people that see it, the higher the chance that someone who runs a website will find the content and link to it. For example, a recipe shared on Pinterest might get picked up by a food blogger doing a recipe roundup. That backlink is extreme valuable as it is also related to the original post.


This technique will work for almost all types of websites. The idea here is to do roundup that will involve linking to a set of articles. Let’s take the above example of a recipe roundup. This round up could be called “The top 20 ways to cook eggs”. This round up will feature every single way of cooking eggs from various different blogs/websites. This will lead them to both link back to you, as it promotes their own work. In addition they are also more likely to share your post to their entire social network.

Ranking Content in Google’s Featured Snippet

seoscapeMore and more searches on Google result in a featured snippet at the top the of page above the search results. The snippets only show for question based  keywords like “how to create a graph in excel” etc. Getting your content in the featured box can be extremely valuable, as an online study found that the average click through rate increased 114%. Here are some factors that go into getting content into the featured snippet:

Inbound links don’t count towards being featured. They only count for getting into the first page of Google, which is a must.

The target search term will need to be one of your headers on the page. The headers are defined by any of the main H HTML tags.

The text you want to appear in the snippet will need to be below the header and should be approximately 54-58 words in order to fit the snippet correctly.

Avoid lengthy text with multiple steps. Sites that have done so have only the steps listed without any other information.

For the few non question based queries that show snippets, Google pulls a paragraph of text rather than any instructions.

Start the first sentence of your snippet with a structure that is similar to an answer. You can use phrases like “start by”, “begin with” etc.

Follow these few tips and you should be able to get content ranked in the top five or even the first page into a featured snippet.

Organic SEO takes time but if done properly can be worth the effort

Organic SEO involves using a variety of techniques and methods to help your website climb through search engine rankings. Even though SEO can be highly profitable for many business owners, there are still some who don’t want to invest much in it as the results are far from being instant. A reputable California SEO firm will tell you that a properly done SEO campaign can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months to start seeing noticeable results. You’re definitely not going to start ranking for your chosen keywords in just a couple of days.

This is because an organic SEO campaign that is done properly by a digital marketing company involves improving various on-site and off-site factors. Depending on your objectives and the level of competition that you’re facing, you may need to have content added to your website on a daily basis, have quality links from reputable websites pointed to it and have several improvements made to your overall online presence. You will start seeing some progress within a few weeks, but it will be gradual.

Despite this, you shouldn’t hesitate to use a search engine marketing service to get your site to climb through search results. Every day, billions of individuals use search engines to find products and services that they need. A website that appears on the first page of search results for relevant keywords can receive thousands of interested visitors, while one that is buried under several pages might get only a handful.

California search engine optimization is performed by Sticky Web Media.

Building Backlinks and Social Shares using Blogger Outreach

seoscapeOne of the biggest mistakes most bloggers make is that they write great content and expect to get traffic without promotion. Unless the blog already has a significant following, backlinks and social shares need to be earned. One of the best methods of getting these links and shares is using blogger outreach.

Blogger outreach is a technique used to build a relationship with other bloggers in your niche. There are several ways to do this, here is one such method:

The first step is to make your presence in your niche known to other bloggers. Take a post that you rank well for but are short of links and shares. Identify the competition in a Google search and find all other bloggers who have commented or shared those posts. Then follow them on all their social networks and comment on their posts. Ideally after sometime they will know who you are based on some of your responses to their posts.

The second step is to actually reach out to those bloggers directly. If you can get their email address then send a mail introducing yourself and that you would like to keep in touch. Alternatively you can reach using social media or contact forms on their websites. Introduce yourself and offer to help them with any issues they might have.

Once you have built a relationship, you can start to highlight your content that they might find useful. The backlinks should follow.

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