Is it Possible to Remove a Yelp Review?

1. Is it Possible to Remove a Yelp Review?...

This blog was submitted by Before your heart goes entirely aflutter upon realizing that it is possible to remove a Yelp review, know that it is a very difficult task, and that it’s not a possibility for every single one. Even if you happen to have only one negative Yelp review, it still might not be possible, in the end, to remove it. In essence, the answer to the question headlining this piece is a very heavily qualified Yes. When a customer has given your business a negative review on Yelp, you can try contacting the reviewer yourself, or have an intermediary reach out to them. If this last is more the game plan you’re envisioning, then contact a service like Yelp Mediation; they’ll be able to help you out. Reaching out to unsatisfied customers to convince them to give your business another chance, to amend their review, or to remove it wholesale will require impeccable tact. It will also require strategy. Will you offer these possibly aggressive customers a refund? Will you offer them some complimentary services as a gesture of good will? It will depend on the situation. Keep in mind that Yelp is not actually an “anything goes” type of place. If your business is reviewed by someone who violates Yelp’s content guidelines, you can flag their review. You can also contact Yelp about it and the review might be...
Innovative Retailing via the Internet

2. Innovative Retailing via the Internet...

Have you ever thought about something in such a way that you think it can be improved to something much better than it is today? It is this exact thought that has brought forth today’s contemporary technology – a wired telephone was improved to a wireless cellular phone, snail mail was improved to the more convenient electronic mail (email). We consistently seek ways to innovate on existing things with the sole goal of making everything more convenient and (ideally) cost-effective for everyone. Take retail shopping for example. Gone are the days when you had to go to a store just to pick out a new set of clothes or a new pair of shoes. Nowadays, it seems easier just to go online and click away into browsing the latest lines from your favorite fashion houses. A web site shopping cart has taken the place of an actual physical shopping cart – and can theoretically carry way more. Way more businesses are integrating this type of technology into their distribution, which is why online shopping cart software has proliferated over the years. More than being able to provide an avenue for customers to purchase products at their convenience and without any store hours, this method has proved to reduce costs on the part of the seller since there is much less labor needed to facilitate transactions. This method, more than anything, also takes into consideration consumer safety – their sensitive...
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Important SEO foundations

There is supposedly more than 200 signals part of the Google algorithm. It would require a lot of time and money to ensure compliance will all the known signals. The most productive and practical approach would be to look at the most critical elements. There are two types of critical SEO tasks. The first is content based SEO that looks at the quality and engagement levels of the content. The other is technical SEO. Let’s look at the two most important technical SEO aspects that could even affect the ranking of the best content:

Mobile issues:

The site needs to fit on a mobile screen, load fast enough and be free of any mobile rendering errors. With the launch of the mobile-first index on the horizon, optimizing for mobile is more important than ever.

Even the content should be optimized for mobile. Buttons should be large enough as a touch target; content should be in smaller chunks and alignment of elements is critical. Also, intrusive popups on entry have already been penalized so avoid anything that can affect the user experience.


Page speed is more important than ever. Now that Google has announced that page speed will be ranking factor for the mobile index, it has become one of the most important factors to focus on. This should be done anyway, as studies have shown that sites that load faster complete more sales. According to Google, the typical mobile page takes 22 seconds to load. The attention span of the average web surfer is three seconds, so this can lead to a lot of lost traffic.

The pros and cons of inbound marketing

Inbound marketing refers to aligning all marketing efforts to a customer’s interest and needs. You get the customer to come to you and your content, rather than trying to sell them on an idea. It is a product of the internet era and is a relatively new marketing concept. Its rise in popularity is thanks to the influence of both social media and the internet.


The best thing about inbound marketing is that to the customer it does not feel like marketing. The content created for the campaign should be educational for the customer. To the customer, it feels like discovering an article and sharing it with friends. All while gaining interest in the products used in or as part of the article.

You can easily map Inbound marketing campaigns to the sales funnel. This mapping allows unprecedented customization of content towards the audience. Several segments of the same target market could have different campaigns from the same content.


The biggest con for inbound marketing is the time. With traditional outbound marketing, the results are fast and roll in as soon as the campaign begins. With inbound marketing, it takes time for people to discover content and share it. Inbound marketing requires time and patience for potentially better results. The minimum time for a typical campaign could be as long as 12 to 18 months. However, remember that once the visitors share the content , it takes little effort and cost to continue the campaign.


The simplest method of using inbound marketing

seoscapeInbound marketing is currently the most effective method of marketing in the digital age. The old methods of outbound marketing involved buying the exposure, which leads to product sales. Missing from that calculus was product and brand loyalty. With inbound marketing, content is the draw. Since the content is hosted internally (usually on a blog) and is branded, there is higher brand recognition. Here is a quick systematic guide to applying this method:

Content – None of the following steps matter without quality content that potential customers will find useful. For example, if a company that marketed cleaning products were to create content, the most relevant would be comprehensive cleaning guides that used their own products.

Market – Inbound marketing exists because of two channels that did not exist: Search engines and social media. SEO and social sharing alone provides enough traffic for a business to garner sufficient leads. Quality content makes this step much easier.

Convert – This is the hardest part. It requires constant experimentation and should feed back to the content creation phase. Figuring out what drives a market segment to purchase products is time-consuming but ultimately very rewarding. When there in insufficient conversion, make gradual changes and measure the impact of those changes.

This is a simple method of looking at how inbound marketing works. Even the smallest of businesses can take advantage of the opportunities we have thanks to search engines and social media.

Step-by-step system for getting rankings in Google

seoscape DecEvery webmaster or blogger should have a system in place for content creation and ranking those pages in Google. There is evidence that sites that update more frequently has a fresh content association with their site. Here is a three-step process that any webmaster can use to getting content out there and ranking well.

Step 1 – keyword research

No system will be complete without the research component. There needs to be a reason for writing each article and keyword research can provide the best titles to target. Don’t limit yourself to a single tool. If possible, combine the data from multiple tools to identify the best articles to write that will have the most potential for traffic and ranking.

Step 2- content calendar

There are advantages to planning out when each item of content should be published. To take advantage of this, plan out a content calendar with all the posts you want to write from the previous step. This way seasonal trends can also be taken into consideration when looking at the keywords. Think about how quickly content can be produced and have a realistic target.

Step 3 – create the content

The final step is to create the content according to the calendar. Write as much as possible whenever you can. Writing articles that are ahead on the calendar will mean that when there is a life emergency, there is sufficient slack to keep the content on track. A structured approach to writing will also see improvements in the quality of writing as it is more consistent.

Using referral invitations to drive sales

seoscape NovWhen e-commerce sales are broken down by sources, the sales generated by referral traffic and recommendations are third largest behind direct traffic and search engine traffic. That is more sales than from traffic referred from social media. What makes this traffic so valuable?

The problem with shopping online is the sheer number of options available. People are simply overwhelmed when it comes to buying something. They first need to find a site to buy from, then choose from the various combinations of brands, types, sizes etc. This is why the referral invitation is so powerful. Let’s take something as simple a razor. The sheer number of permutations of what is available is painful enough, but which one is actually good? Now you get a mail from a friend recommending one? Would you really bother looking around for other options?

This is the basis of an email campaign run by Harrys. They are razor company and used this marketing tactic to pick up two referrals from every customer. In order to make the recommendation work for the referrer, they offer razors to two friends free. In addition, this works even if you were just referred from a friend got a free razor.

Customers love free gifts and tend to see such products more favorably when referred to by a friend. This is what drives the referral process and is an extremely smart and effective strategy to use customer’s social networks to bring in other potential customers.

Kick Off 2017 With Strategies to Success for Yelp and Google

yelp-googleSean Garrity of DealCrunch recently sat with Pierre Zarokian, the CEO of Submit Express, to discuss new techniques for reputation management and online marketing. 2016 saw Google bringing even more updates to its robust ranking algorithm, and small businesses should stay up to date with this knowledge if they hope to succeed.

Who is Submit Express?

Pierre started the company back in 1998, with the goal to help other businesses reach the top of Google. At the time, SEO was new and it was an intriguing way to draw in-store traffic from the World Wide Web. Today, Pierre works with businesses to improve marketing and sales efforts for restaurants, major distributors across the United States, and big brand names.

Reviews and Web Presence

In 2017, Pierre suggests that companies who want to succeed are going to have to focus on developing a Web presence online. For restaurants, that means good Yelp scores. For retailers, that means lots of reviews and multiple points of contact. Submit Express recommends that businesses first claim all social profiles, and then work on improving the quality of search presence online.

Here are some of the services the company focuses on with new clients:

  • Review Monitoring: The first step in improving your Yelp and Google scores is monitoring your feedback in real time. If you have happy or angry customers, you should know what you’re doing right/wrong as soon as possible so you can make the necessary adjustments.
  • New Reviews: targeted campaigns allow you to funnel positive feedback to Yelp, and turn negatives into positive experiences handled through your feedback system.
  • Search Marketing: Submit Express continues to be an industry leader in search marketing.

If you want to learn about these strategies in-depth, check out the write-up from DealCrunch.

Check your writing with this editing checklist

seoscapeOne of the best ways to improve as a writer is to have an editor who can go through your articles and make corrections accordingly. There are automated online services that do this, but none of them are partially effective. For those who don’t have access to an editor or find it too costly, here is a mini-checklist that can be used to check your writing and how it is placed on the page.

Headline – It needs to grab attention and should be placed in a prominent location at the top of the page

Metadata – The post meta data needs to be simple, placed somewhere under the headline and be smaller but legible.

Read the post – Read the entire post aloud to yourself. This will easily show most of the issues in the pacing and how the article flows and when it breaks.

Uniqueness – If uniqueness is a factor, then do so by telling a story. You can also share an opinion. For data or advice, spin it in such a way that it is from your perspective.

Subheadings – Don’t be afraid to break the articles into sections that use sub-headings. They should be scan-able and add value to the article.

Scan-able – Make the entire post scan-able by using the above sub-0headings and also use images, bullet points and short paragraphs if applicable.

Spelling and grammar – Double check the post for grammar and spelling issues. There are services online that can spot common issues. However, nothing will beat a person reading the article line by line.

Google Panda 101

seoscapeAs a webmaster, you might have heard of two of the most important parts of the core Google algorithm: Penguin and Panda. Penguin looks at the quality of incoming links. Panda, on the other hand, takes the opposite tack and looks for low-quality content on the site.

Panda was initially introduced to deal with the issue of the vast number of content farms populating the internet at the time. It has now evolved to become part of the core algorithm and is now running continuously. The side effect here is that it makes it harder to know when a site has been penalized for a Panda violation.

It was also initially rumored to consider user-generated content such comments into consideration. This is not true and Panda only looks at the content on the page. Another myth was that of the length of the content. Numbers like 250 words or 350 words were thrown about. This also appears to be wrong as Google recommends that the word count should reflect the needs of the content in question. There are sub-100 word posts that rank at number one along with featured snippets.

What we do know is that first of all the content should match the query. If the title of the page or the anchor text of an inbound link does not match the content, then this could be an issue. In that case, it would be better to add a paragraph or two adding relevance in order to avoid getting penalized.

Going forward, create high-quality content and you will have nothing to worry about.

WordPress SEO Tips

Wordpress-SEO-tipsSearch engine marketing in California goes beyond simply having a WordPress-fueled site and picking and choosing keywords and phrases. Once you optimize your content for search engines, the next step is to do the same with your WordPress pages.

Cut the Clutter

WordPress comes with some defaults that are fine for when you’re first creating your site. After you have everything set up, remove defaults you don’t need to minimize clutter and make your site more appealing to visitors, especially mobile browsers.

Create Relevant Categories

Change the “uncategorized” default in the admin area and replace it with a category that’s actually relevant for your site. For SEO purposes, relevant categories for your posts will definitely help with ranking.

Switch to a Static Page

If you want to do more with your WordPress page than showcase blog content, make your page static. This feature minimizes indexing and duplicate content errors and places more of an emphasis on other content on your site.

Install Google Analytics for WordPress

Avoid 404 errors and be aware of what’s going on with your WP pages by installing Google Analytics for WordPress. No California Internet marketing strategy is going to be effective without accurate stat tracking. Visitors are tracked by username, so you also won’t get false data from administrators accessing the site.

Choosing the right California Internet marketing company is another step you can take when looking to get the most out of your WordPress site. Working with a team that stays aware of trends and technology shifts can give you more time to focus on your business.

Sticky Web Media is a Los Angeles marketing agency that helps increase visibility in search through localization and SEO marketing.

How to establish your presence online

seoscapeBy now you probably have a website for your company. A lot of work has gone into fine tuning the content and on page SEO and now you need to address the other big requirement of being online: Social Media.

The first step is to get on the three main social networks. That would be Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The Facebook page for your company is extremely important as a lot of Facebook users, first check on the social network for your company when searching.

The importance of the LinkedIn presence will depend on whether companies in your category share a lot information in the space or if you are looking to hire regularly. Still you will need a basic presence.

A Twitter account is another basic necessity to reach specific types of people. Technology, News and Health are good reasons to be on Twitter.

Once you have the big three networks, then you need to claim your company’s account name on as many networks as possible. On the larger networks, you will need to be able to start promoting your company whenever the need arises, for that a long term account on those will be important. On the smaller networks, claiming your company’s name can also avoid misrepresentation and fraud.

The easy part is done. Now you can focus on figuring out which network to start promoting your content and company.

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